Let’s talk about TXA and brain injuries. Maybe we can put to rest the suspicion that TXA creates further injury in patient’s with a TBI. TXA is an amazing tool to use for our trauma patients. There has been so much success TXA that there are trials to see how effective it is for … Continue reading CRASH 3; TBI and TXA

Trauma Library

If you haven't checked out Life in The Fast Lane, you HAVE to give it shot. This site's ECG library helped me not only get through medic school, but also helped me learn what I was seeing on strange 12-leads my first year as a medic. I receive their email updates to keep myself informed, … Continue reading Trauma Library

An apology.

I'm sorry this has happened to you today. I am sorry you feel this way. I am sorry that you were born unlucky and suffer from this illness. I am sorry that they did this to you. I am sorry your bad day had become a turning point in my career. As the compassionate face … Continue reading An apology.

Don’t call 911… that many times. America’s perception of emergency services.

The LA times reported recently of a woman being sentenced to jail for excessively calling 911 and reporting claiming she was having an emergency. 43 year old woman, Linette Young, complained of having panic episodes that gave her the feeling that she was going to die. Yes, this is a common symptom with panic … Continue reading Don’t call 911… that many times. America’s perception of emergency services.

Just a thought…

This was passed onto me from a friend. Don't know it's origin, but thought it was a great insight to our world as EMS providers. "Welcome to the profession whose entry-level practitioners — you, in a few months — rank 4th from the bottom in the Bureau of Labor Statistics salary rankings. The only people … Continue reading Just a thought…