My name is KD. I have been working in Fire/EMS since 2007. Public Service is an amazing job and I love to share the passion for helping others.


There is no other job like it.

This is my blog and an attempt to breathe some fresh air into Fire/EMS education. If you have been in the field for a while, you can attest that it’s so damn BORING!!!! Death by powerpoint was one of the tortures in Dante’s Inferno. I am almost certain of that.

I’m not going to post my resume on here, or give a long testament of how I’ve been there and done that. I have been around for a bit, and I  have experience in rural, urban and even in house medicine. Medical schools, hospitals, and paramedic programs are a couple of the venues I have taught. At each one I try to make the information engaging and self depreciating (lots of fat jokes).

A bit about who I am other than my job; I love exploring with my family, watching movies, building/breaking things, and working on my old house.

Writing is an outlet for me (sorry for you). I love to tell stories and write about the nerdiest books on the planet. Music has been a hobby of mine long before I even knew what a paramedic was. “Are they the ones that sit in the back?” Sometime I think the public mistakes us for the bank vault vans with the guy in the back sitting with money and guns. Just the lonely paramedic sitting with patients and drugs.

My family is my life. I have an amazingly supportive wife who has worked as an RN as long as I have worked in EMS. We met in the ER during the summer of bath salts. Our eyes connecting as we restrained and sedated a screaming naked who was trying to eat our skin. I still get butterflies thinking of those days…

These days, I am returning to school to study Human Biology (pre-med) and hopefully will find a graduate program in anesthesia that will take my crazy ass.

Thank you all who have come by to support. I am working on some lectures, videos, have released some study apps, and am now on twitter. Hopefully you can leave picking up something new. I enjoy any critiques, comments, or ideas!!

Peace, Love and Pancakes,

Kevin J Davis

AAS, IC, Paramedic

(lame “look how cool I am” email closing line)


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