When the pestering NREMT emails start popping up in your inbox, it means it has been another two years and time to recertify that blessed round disco patch. After spending so many hours in the classroom with my department’s training, teaching medic students, and attending a fire academy, I have decided to challenge the national registry test this year. I am working in a new district and was originally interested in attending a local refresher to meet some of the local medics. But, to my dismay, as heard through the grapevine, the refresher was taught by sleepy eyed over worked dry as bones instructors who just read the Brady power point slides verbatim.

As garlic to a vampire… As kryptonite to Superman… As a salad to a fat man… I detest the phrase, “they just read the power point slides.”

I refuse to attend those types of classes because I refuse to call it “educational.” At this point in my career, I would rather stab myself in the eye with a huber needle than to PAY some one to bore the shit out of me. If you are just going to read a premade power point, save your breath!!! Just email me the slides. I’ll show up for the test. Cut out the boring middle man and save some money! Because I would hope that most paramedics would already know how to read for themselves. Our trade is a degree program now, so, I believe reading is a requirement.  

OR, maybe humor us in your preperation and present something INTERESTING! Sure, there are some topics we cant help but to cover as a refresher. But, we don’t have to go through the entire flipping text book as if we were going through medic school again. Present something new. Shake off the burn out and find something you are interested in. Nothing is more captivating than a passionate educator who is genuienly excited and passionate about their subject.

To most EMS educators out in the world, holding the prehospital minds in the palms of their hands… I plead for you to slam a five hour energy, jump onto JEMS or Lifeinthefastlane and research something interesting. The constant pursuit of education is what drew me to this field. But, nothing makes me more apathetic than to watch some one read and regail us in war stories for eight hours. I know how to be a paramedic. I can pass a test. Now make me an interesting compassionate paramedic! Because I am sitting in a library, pouring through text books, inorder to pass a test so I don’t have to fall asleep in your next boring class.

Peace. I’m out. *mic drop*

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